BL Trading serves customers across a wide range of markets in both the private and public sectors. Our comprehensive offering in the areas below allow our customers to maximize productivity, efficiency, and cost savings throughout their organizations. With an unwavering focus on customer service and satisfaction, BL Trading has earned the loyalty and long-standing business of more than 4,000 customers globally.

  • Words From Our Customers

    “I just wanted to say thanks for having [Your SE] help out yesterday. They made the decision to utilize EMC direct, in the end (management decision) but made the comment to me this morning that they felt [Your SE] knew more than EMC did. Not sure what he said to them but it made an impression, please let [Your SE], know I appreciate the help!”

    -Senior Storage Administrator, Fortune 500 Company

    “Many thanks to BL Trading’s technicians from our NY office. Together they were able to figure out the remaining issues and have put both the New EMC Celerra and the EMC CLARiiON on our network. I have successfully logged into both systems and am now in the middle of configuring both devices. By lunch time tomorrow we should be rsync’ing data and should be able to do cutovers as early as Monday of next week. I’ll give DM a heads up that we’re hoping to cut them over early next week with a goal to be out of the CX3-80/NS40 by end of next week.”

    -Sr. Storage Engineer, Fortune 500 Customer

    “I wanted to extend a heart-felt Thank You to BL Trading. BL is a first-class vendor and I’ve enjoyed talking and getting to know you over the past year and a half. The service provided to us not only helped this organization but also enabled me to grow professionally. If it wasn’t for our Q&A sessions and answered questions I wouldn’t be nearly as efficient with the SANs as I am now. Just to give you some background history. I’ve had ZERO hands-on experience with any type of large disk array system. It was all just “theory” and “wow, cool look at the products over at” in my prior position. You guys know all to well how I got thrown into “OMG the CX400 just crashed – Fix It”. I’ve spent a lot of late nights reading those EMC guides and applying their best practices. With your help I’d like to think I did some of my best work here at this company. In closing, I hope to continue this same relationship during the next chapter of my career over at xxxxx Company.”

    -Sr. Systems Engineer, Major Healthcare System Client

    “Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your [Technician]. As you know I’ve been struggling for the past 6 months with EMC and other vendors to get our new tape drives to work with the new Storage node on our EMC Networker tape backup system. [He] was able to come in and in a few short hours get things going. As a bonus he also recommended a couple of changes to optimize the Legato system that we may look at implementing in the future.

    I look forward to working with [Him] as well as continuing to work with [your other technicians] to implement the advanced technologies that BL Trading brings to [The] Hospital.”

    -Director of Technology, Large Hospital Client

  • Technology Infrastructure

    “Installing EMC Storage and Qlogic Switches on our core network with assistance and expertise from BL Trading gave us the integrated solution we were looking for. We lowered our network infrastructure investment costs by 25% and increased productivity across the company.”

    -Vice President of Information Technology, Fortune 1000 Client

  • Business & Technology Services

    “BL Trading is the ideal size company to do business with. They provide executive level support. They deliver excellent engineers dedicated to your projects and programs, and most importantly, they have a great relationship with technology solution vendor”

    -Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Hospital Client

  • Post Sales and Professional Services

    “We find it very easy and efficient to work with BL Trading for a full range of services. Not only does the company help with our technology equipment, they extend that level of customer service and attention to our leasing needs as well. We can utilize one company to help us design, choose, and purchase equipment, implement and manage it, and then dispose of it when we need something more current. It makes my job so much easier by getting all of that done through BL Trading”

    -Director of Technology, Major City Public Safety Client